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Vegas Loves: Jack Herer by Desert Grown Farms

Jack Herer (pronounced like ‘terror’) is one of the most recognized strains among connoisseurs, and for good reason. This Sativa-dominant hybrid was first bred in the Netherlands in the mid-90’s. It’s invigorating, creative high has made it a mainstay in many cultivations, including Desert Grown Farms right here in Nevada. Who was Jack Herer? Herer was a long-time cannabis activist…

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Vegas Loves: Head Cheese by Polaris

Written by Josh Ranck Las Vegas has had legal recreational cannabis for more than a year now and in that time we’ve seen a few products rise to the top of the popularity ranks. None come to mind quicker than Head Cheese by Polaris. Head Cheese is a Sativa-dominant cross of the legendary strains Headband 707 and UK Cheese. This…

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Blue Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes | The History of the Legendary Strain

Blue Dream is a renowned strain amongst the marijuana community for patients and rec users alike. So how did it become so famous? Blue Dream: Origin Story Like a lot of popular strains, Blue Dream first bloomed on the West Coast in balmy California. Other than knowing its parent strains, the Blue Dream appeared kind of “out of the blue”…

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  • October 16, 2018
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Cannabis 101: Strain Classifications

How important is it for you to know about the cannabis you’re experiencing? It used to be that people knew little to nothing about the strains they acquired. They smoked what they had and were grateful to have it. As the legal cannabis landscape continues to expand, it has become more important over time for people to attempt to understand…

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