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5 Things You Should Know About CBD

Cannabis is a complex plant with many applications. While it’s mainly known for its intoxicating properties, cannabis offers many other benefits. With researchers having unprecedented unprecedented access to the plant, we’re gaining a better understanding of the many positive ways cannabis can impact our lives. One of the most discussed and widely used is CBD, which stands for cannabidiol. Here…

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Topicals 101: A Beginner’s Guide

New methods of consumption challenge the idea that cannabis should only be smoked in flower form. Among those alternate methods are topicals. But what are topicals and what do they do? Essentially, topicals are balms, creams, lotions, and oils infused with cannabis compounds which are applied directly to problem areas for localized relief. Topicals are not new. One of the…

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Edibles 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Edibles are a delicious way to enjoy cannabis products without having to smoke or vape plant matter. Edibles are made from the extracted essential oils from the cannabis plant, combined with foodstuffs to create a wide variety of infused products. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, something savory, or even something homemade, you’re sure to find the perfect product. To…

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Concentrates 101: A Beginner’s Guide

Cannabis can be consumed in many forms, from dried and cured flowers to potent concentrates with all kinds of applications. If you’ve ever vaped, dabbed, ate an edible, or used a cannabis topical product, you’re benefiting from the innovating science behind cannabis concentrates. But what are they exactly and how are they made? Cannabis concentrates are made from the cannabis…

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What to Expect This September in Oasis & Community Oasis

It’s another month here at Oasis, and we have a lot of your favorite events back. You can also expect a bunch of changes in the next coming months – both in-store and online. We are working on bringing you the best experience possible, so keep your eyes peeled. September 2018 Events and More at Oasis Cannabis & Community Oasis…

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