Dream Big with City Trees new 1-1-1 tincture. Everything you need to know about CBG

Today we got to sit down with Dr. Dominick Monaco, the head of the City Trees laboratory to talk about the brand new City Trees 1:1:1 tincture! This tincture is equal parts THC to CBD to CBG- a rarer cannabinoid that is proving to be a game changer in the cannabis world for many reasons. 

What is CBG? 

Dr. Monaco: CBG is the non-psychoactive progenitor cannabinoid responsible for the base structure in which all other cannabinoids are derived (editor’s note: that means it’s the base compound for all cannabinoids including THC and CBD). Recent research purports intrinsic therapeutic value for multiple conditions as it interacts with both CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors- that means it plays well with others and can cause benefits to people who may utilize CBG for certain medical benefits*

What happens when you combine CBD, THC, and CBG? Do they all still work together?

Dr. Monaco: The combination of these three cannabinoids aim to create a formulation that will be highly beneficial while mitigating any possible negative effects from THC naive customers and patients, all the while still possessing the desired effects from a Full Spectrum THC product. 

What is the entourage effect? 

Dr. Monaco: The entourage effect is the combined or amalgamated synergistic effect of cannabinoids and/or terpenes on human physiology. Cannabinoids and terpenes modulate chemical and biosynthetic pathways in the human body for a combined therapeutic result that is coined the “entourage effect”. What does this mean for the patient or consumer, though? In essence, certain cannabinoids and terpenes, when combined and ingested at the same time, have a greater effect than if they were taken separately and at separate times. This is why we’ve aimed to create a potent formulation that will take advantage of this for our customers and patients. Simply put, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” 

Is this 1:1:1 tincture safe? 

Dr. Monaco: All of the ingredients in our 1:1:1 are sourced from validated supply chain vendors with the highest quality standards and procedures and have been rigorously tested for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, toxins and impurities to ensure the safest and highest quality product is produced inside our laboratory. 

Are there any additives in the tincture?

Dr. Monaco: We developed this tincture with the consumer in mind, four simple ingredients that all come from Cannabis sativa spp. Hemp Seed Oil, THC Oil, CBD Isolate, and CBG Isolate – that’s it. With such a formulation, and by utilizing verified supply chain vendors, this product is vegan, gluten-free, & cruelty free. 

Do you have any personal experience with CBG? 

Dr. Monaco: In my own experience, CBG has worked for patients managing problems with IOP (Intraocular Pressure) secondary to Glaucoma and patients having trouble staying asleep during the night. 

I’ve heard CBG works for sleep, how does that work? 

Dr. Monaco: Anecdotally, CBG has been seen to work for sleep and as above, in my own experience, has helped me stay asleep during the evening. The modality in which it is thought to have this effect is potentially through its ability to decrease muscle spasms. Muscle spasms and microtremors have a severe impact on a person’s ability to go to sleep and stay asleep and taking an oral tincture with CBG could have an “extended-release” like effect during the evening owing to its ability to help with trouble falling/staying asleep. 

*City Trees does not make any medical claims about their products. Please consult your physician before taking any products medicinally. 

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