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Marijuana Delivery in Las Vegas, NV

Everything you’d want to know about Oasis Cannabis Delivery!

Oasis Cannabis offers FREE Delivery to all Nevada Residents. We’ve tried to make our delivery process as simple as possible, whilst following our established guidelines and all state regulations.

We deliver your cannabis purchase directly to your residence, as long as you live in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area. That means no deliveries to hotels, motels, casinos, or your place of business.


Creating a Profile

The information that we require is a valid phone number, a proper current government issued ID or Passport and any details we need to know to keep on file.


Due to a recent change in Nevada law, we are only allowed to deliver to Nevada residents who possess a Nevada ID that has the address we are delivering to on it.
We can no longer accept utility bills or copies of leases as forms of residency.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We will only need this information from you once, unless of course you move.

Delivery Minimums

We do not charge our customers any delivery fees here at Oasis Cannabis, but we do have minimum order amounts. These are based on and the distance from your location to our dispensary.

Here is the breakdown for our delivery minimum amounts:

Less than 5 miles: $50 medical / $55 recreational
Between 5 and 10 miles: $65 medical / $72 recreational
Between 10 and 15 miles: $85 medical / $94 recreational
Between 15 and 20 miles: $100 medical / $110 recreational
Over 20 miles: $120 medical / $132 recreational

(Medical / Retail; Prices include tax)

If you have any questions about the mileage and/or if we go to your address, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be more than happy to calculate your minimum order cost for you and answer any other additional questions!



Additional Notes

It is good to note that we can only deliver to you once per day, even if you didn’t reach the daily OZ limit.

Our Dispatch person will call you to confirm your order total and give you an idea of when the driver is expected to arrive. The ETA we provide you upon order completion is simply an estimate, as we cannot account for variables such as traffic, how much time is spent on other deliveries, weather conditions, and order volume for the day compared to how many drivers we have on staff.

We work as hard and fast as possible in order to get deliveries out to you in a prompt and timely fashion.

We strive for your satisfaction always, and appreciate any input you have to offer, good or bad. Please send us an email anytime w/ your thoughts and suggestions to

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