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Dispensary Jobs in Las Vegas, NV

Here at Oasis Cannabis we are always accepting resumes!

However, if you have proper documentation to work in a Dispensary, your resume will be prioritized to be reviewed sooner. Below are the steps to take if you would like your process expedited.


Step 1. Print Marijuana Establishment Agent Card Application & Checklist.


Step 2. Fill out Application completely and as needed.

(Scan signature, glue passport photo, etc.)


Step 3. Get fingerprints done (can also get passport taken at same location if needed.)

We can recommend going to

There you can get your electronic fingerprint cards and your passport photo can be taken.


Step 4. Get money orders together.

One money order is needed for the Department of Taxation for $75

A Second money order is needed for the Department of Public Safety for $23.50


Step 5. Head to the Department of Taxation.

Make sure packet is filled out and you have your money order.

They can help you complete fingerprinting paperwork if needed.

They take all necessary pages and information.

You will receive a temporary allowing you to start working immediately.


Step 6. Mail in paperwork to Department of Public Safety.

The remaining pages, money order, and fingerprints are to be mailed in to the Department of Public Safety.


*Please note that once hired by our organization, you will also be responsible for getting your Metro Card. We can assist you with this process at our location.

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