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Shopping for Cannabis: Black Market vs Dispensaries

We’ve said it before and will likely say it again: cannabis consumption is a very personal process. This holds true with not only what you partake in but also in how it is acquired. How and where do you shop for your cannabis? What factors help you to decide what you would like to consume? Is it the price, quality or convenience? Does it come down to what soils and pesticides are used to grow the cannabis? Regardless of your answers, it is recognizable just from the array of questions that there are many factors to be taken into consideration…...

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What to Expect in August 2018 at Community Oasis and Oasis Cannabis

Welcome to August! The end of the summer is fast approaching and we are here to kick it into overdrive. Our calendar is full for this month so read below to learn about all of the events you won’t want to miss. Community and Dispensary Events to Expect in August 2018 Kicking off the month we have a new art gallery up! Be sure to get a sneak peek in on Thursday the 2nd, or come by on First Friday to browse the art. Health Elevated and Cohen Medical Health Elevated will be presenting on a very important topic on…...

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Cannabis and What Ails You: Dealing with Depression - the “Silent Killer”

In this segment of Cannabis and Ailments, we cover the topic of depression; a touchy and important subject that is never easy to discuss. The most important thing we want to say is that there is always help available and if you are having an extra bad day, we urge that you please seek assistance. Cannabis and Depression Similar to anxiety, depression is also an extremely different experience for everyone. Some may feel alone or isolated even when surrounded by a group of people, or they may feel like they’re in a black hole where nothing matters. When this happens,…...

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What to Expect in July 2018

July is going to be a jam-packed month full of activities, education, and entertainment! Don’t miss out on all the great events that are happening… Be sure to save our calendar to your phone!   July 2018 Events We are starting the lineup for the month with a week of pop-ups, followed by more pop-ups! Don’t miss out on all your favorite vendors while they’re in-store educating and giving away swag, and pay attention to the scheduled times, too; we have some late night pop-ups scheduled! A new vendor making their pop-up appearance this month is Green Life Productions, aka…...

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Featured Partner - Even Cannabis Company

Cannabis may have only been recreationally legal for about a year now, but there are years of research and medical history on a tab just for Nevada alone. Lately, for medical purposes, people are realizing the benefits cannabis brings to the table in any form it comes in; flower, concentrate, edible, and many more. One of these forms is RSO, also known as Rick Simpson Oil (or Phoenix Tears). This is classified as cannabis oil in a concentrated entity.    RSO “Rick Simpson Oil” Origin and Benefits RSO is created by a process involving the soaking of raw cannabis whole…...

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Cannabis and What Ails You: Anxiety and the New Chill Pill

Prozac, Zoloft, Valium, and Xanax…What do these all have in common? They often get prescribed to those who suffer from some type of anxiety. Anxiety is sometimes a tricky symptom to relieve, as no one has the same form or level of as others. On a simplified level, it seems silly to prescribe any two people the same medication when their ailments aren’t similar. Logic leads us to question how this medicine can really be helping an individual’s needs.  Enter cannabis, and how it can help assist during an anxious episode, whether it’s a panic disorder, social phobia, PTSD, or…...

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