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Cannabis and What Ails You: Anxiety and the New Chill Pill

Prozac, Zoloft, Valium, and Xanax…What do these all have in common? They often get prescribed to those who suffer from some type of anxiety. Anxiety is sometimes a tricky symptom to relieve, as no one has the same form or level of as others. On a simplified level, it seems silly to prescribe any two people the same medication when their ailments aren’t similar. Logic leads us to question how this medicine can really be helping an individual’s needs.  Enter cannabis, and how it can help assist during an anxious episode, whether it’s a panic disorder, social phobia, PTSD, or…...

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What to Expect This June 2018

First Friday has already come and gone but don’t fret, there are plenty of events happening this month to keep you busy! As always, this calendar is filled with pop-ups from returning and new vendors! Remember to keep an eye on who we have scheduled to be here. We have Mary’s Medicinals, Tsunami, MPX, and Even returning! Don’t miss Select CBD, CannaBella, and Remedy – all new this month!  What to Expect This June at Community Oasis Starting off our Community Oasis events we have the monthly Endometriosis Support Group on June 9th! Don’t miss your chance to get together…...

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Make the Most of This Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day weekend comes the unofficial start of summer. Many will barbecue, head out to the lake, or simply spend time with their families in honor of the day. See how you can responsibly consume marijuana this Memorial Day weekend. Make the Most of the Memorial Day Weekend 2018 If you’re not headed out of town for the weekend, here are some options to make sure you can make the most of the long weekend. Edibles Barbecues are a staple get-together. Delicious and refreshing, THC-infused beverages, Dixie Elixirs are great to include with your chips and dip while you…...

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EDC 2018 - Consuming Cannabis Discreetly

With EDC 2018 around the corner, we want to help advise on the best methods of consumption. Consuming discreetly will be your best bet for most events where security is tight. Below we list our top 3 products ideal to help you get to where you need to be without shining a spotlight on you at EDC. EDC 2018: How and What to Consume Discreetly Oral Sprays by Provisions These Oral Sprays come in many different flavors and are great for micro-dosing or sharing! For every spritz you get 5mg, each little tube is about 100mg giving you roughly 20…...

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Featured Partner - Green Therapeutics and Provisions

Green Therapeutics is a Nevada licensed cultivation and production company. From CEO to Chairman, everyone in their chain of command holds pristine credentials with MBA’s and Pharm D. Dedication to the art of growing has not fallen short with this entire group. Coming from impressive pharmaceutical backgrounds slid into the world of cannabis seamlessly. Their cultivation team is made up of skilled cannabis cultivators with backgrounds in pharmacy, landscape architecture and horticulture, and biological science with a concentration in cellular and molecular biology. Introducing Green Therapeutics As you can tell this team didn’t show up to mess around. One look…...

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Cannabis 101 – The Entourage Effect : A Whole Bunch of Info about How the Whole Cannabis Plant Matters

You’ve heard of an entourage before – a posse of people who build each other up and help one another out. You can think of cannabis in this way, too; as a variety of variables surrounding and supporting one another. The Entourage Effect is simply defined as the combined effect of cannabis’ different compounds – made up of cannabinoids and terpenes. When it comes to understanding cannabis, we’ve concluded that the majority of consumers instantly think of only one part of the plants’ compound; THC. As we outlined in our previous blog, “A Tale of 2 Cannabinoids,” THC is the…...

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